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48 SMT Magazine • May 2015 Electronics Industry News Market Highlights Gartner Reveals Vertical Industry Trends in SEA's Thriving Markets "Some might argue that given recent political, fi- nancial and climate challenges, Southeast Asia is a risky proposition," said Venecia Liu, research vice president at Gartner. "However, Gartner believes that Southeast Asia's economic development and growing consumer demand mean that its growth potential outweighs the risk." Flexible Display Market to Hit $30B by 2025 In the newly published "Flexible, Curved, and Bendable Display Technologies and Market Fore- cast 2015 Report," (Second Edition), Touch Dis- play Research analyzed more than 10 display tech- nologies and more than 14 applications of flexible displays, and the report shows how the flexible display market is accelerating. Smart Wearable Healthcare Devices Market to See Significant Growth The Technavio report emphasizes the increased use of smart wearable devices for tele-home healthcare. Monitoring many patients in hospitals can be a tedious process because of the lack of adequate resources. Smart wearable devices en- hance treatment and monitoring processes by sav- ing time and reducing healthcare costs. IoT Data to Exceed 1.6ZB in 2020 A new report from ABI Research estimates that the volume of data captured by IoT-connected devices exceeded 200 exabytes in 2014. The an- nual total is forecast to grow seven-fold by the decade's end, surpassing 1,600 exabytes—or 1.6 zettabytes—in 2020. Tech Transfer Provided $1.8T to US Economy The report, "The Economic Contribution of Uni- versity/Non-profit Inventions in the United States: 1996–2013," estimates that, during this 18-year time period, academia-industry patent licensing bolstered U.S. gross industry output by up to $1.18 trillion, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) by up to $518 billion, and supported up to 3,824,000 U.S. jobs. Optical Components Market Growth Picking up Again in 2015 LightCounting's analysis shows that optical com- ponents market has been growing at 8–12% per year on average over the past five years, but slowed during the second half of 2014. Recent re- ports from leading suppliers indicate that market growth picked up in Q1 2015, and LightCounting expects that the market will reach a new record in Q2 2015. Smart Grid Sensors Market to Hit $350M in 2021 The market for smart grid sensors is set to rapidly expand in the coming decade, with revenues grow- ing nearly ten-fold, from 2014–2021, according to IHS Inc. Based on information in a new study from IHS Technology, the market for smart grid sensors is centered in North America. State of U.S. Manufacturing After the Recession Since the economic recovery started in 2009, the U.S. manufacturing sector generally maintained a 12% share of GDP over the five years ending in 2013. The sector's performance was impressive when compared with other major advanced coun- tries that experienced similar declines and early re- coveries in manufacturing production. Flexible Batteries Market Attracts New Investments After years of slow progress from small compa- nies, flexible batteries now have the attention of big brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG Chemical, Nokia and STMicroelectronics, who are set to drive the flexible battery market from US$ 6.9 million in 2015 to over US$ 400 million in 2025 according to IDTechEx. Next-Gen Smart Lighting Systems Revenues to Hit $1B by 2020 In a new report, "Smart Lighting Market Oppor- tunities: Smart Bulbs and the Rise of Local Light- ing Intelligence," NanoMarkets concludes that the market for these new systems will reach just over $1 billion by 2020. 48 SMT Magazine • May 2015

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