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May 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 47 CANNONBALL STACk FOR CONDuCTOR ROuGHNESS MODELING continues article Figure 14: Comparing correction factors for each model. as can be seen all three models provides equivalent correction factors. [10] Isola Group, Chandler, Arizona [11] Oak-Mitsui, Hoosick Falls, New York. [12] Electrochemicals Inc. CO-BRA BOND. [13] Macdermid Inc., Multibond. [14] Keysight Technologies EEsof EDA Advanced Design System 2015.01 software. [15] Wild River Technology, Beaverton, Oregon. [16] Simonovich, Bert, "Practical Method for Modeling Conductor Surface Roughness Using The Cannonball Stack Principle," white paper, Issue 1.0, April 8, 2015. Bert simonovich had a 32-year career at Bell northern re- search/nortel, in Ottawa, Can- ada, helping to pioneer several advanced technology solutions into products. he has held a variety of engineering, research and development positions, eventually spe- cializing in high-speed signal integrity and backplane architectures. simonovich can be contacted through li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries, which power most portable electronics today, include ele- ments such as lithium and cobalt. as a potential alternative, na-ion (sodium-ion) batteries have attracted attention because of the abundance and low cost of uniformly-distributed sodium. however, in order to realize a sodium-ion battery, a pair of compounds capable of inter - calation (absorbing and releasing) of sodium ions is required for each of the negative and positive electrodes. Professor atsuo yamada and associate Professor Masashi Okubo of the university of Tokyo's Department of Chemical system engineering, in collaboration with the re- search group of Professor Isamu Moriguchi at nagasaki university, has clarified that a nanosheet compound comprising titanium and carbon is capable of sodium-ion intercala- tion. Sodium-ion Hybrid Capacitor as Next-generation Battery

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