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48 SMT Magazine • June 2015 Bornemann: We are doing a couple of medical applications, but still we feel that automotive is definitely, considering China, the key driver of our business. Matties: do you have any concerns about the auto collapse like we saw previously? Bornemann: Looking at the forecast for China, I don't see that. If we look at 20 million cars in China, that still leaves so many people without a car who have the money to buy cars now. And that is supposed to grow by up to five million cars per year. I'm not positive about how real- istic it is, but these are the numbers we keep hearing, so I don't see anything happening in the next five years. Matties: what about their highways? isn't the problem going to be how the highways are going to be able to support those numbers? Bornemann: That is the problem: the infrastruc- ture. It's also interesting to see how the grow- ing train business will influence car sales. They are building fast speed trains all over the coun- try. Metro subways and public train systems are springing up even in cities I've never heard of, but still, I would say it's a rather stable growth. Matties: the interesting thing might be that if there's a crush of people buying cars, there will be so much traffic that they go back to using bicycles. Bornemann: Exactly. It might be e-bikes. Matties: well, it's been a pleasure talking to you. Bornemann: Thank you very much for your time. SMT Guido bornemann is the head of sales for viscom. InSPeCTIOn: THe LAST LIne OF DeFenSe continues Feature IntervIew CliCk To View vIdeo IntervIew SAKi America's family of true, 3D inspection systems covers the whole spectrum of SPi, Aoi and AXi tasks. Quintin Armstrong explains how the unique resolu- tion capability of their AXi achieves 100% detection of head-in-pillow defects. Solving Inspection Problems with True 3D in AOI, AXI and SPI Systems by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015

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