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2015 IPC INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP for ELECTRONIC INTERCONNECTIONS Can You Compete in the Electronics Industry? The IPC International Technology Roadmap provides valuable marketing and forecasting information and the technological requirements now and for about five years into the future to design, build, and assemble electronic interconnect products, with a heavy, historically based emphasis on printed boards and printed board assemblies that answer questions like: • What materials will be needed in the coming years? • What kind of equipment will need to be purchased? • What type of training protocols will need to be adapted? Gain valuable insights into the technology needs of tomorrow and put the informational resources of the IPC International Technology Roadmap to work for your long-range and strategic planning activities. What's New and Valuable in 2015 and Beyond • Laser-aided manufacturing — for yield improvements • Equipment development • Demand for improved vision systems required What Do You Need to Prepare for? Tremendous increase in clock speed in low-cost/high volume applications predicted over next 5 years. Much smaller discrete components will continue shift towards emplace embedded and away from formed embedded. Global material concerns are increasing. Are you capable of succeeding? With data compiled from all over the world, this comprehensive roadmap is a must-have for any organization. Get the knowledge and research at your fingertips and start making informed business decisions for today and tomorrow. Order your copy now!

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