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June 2015 • The PCB Magazine 43 References 1. Ostmann, A., Manessis, D., Stahr, J., Bees- ley, M., Cauwe, M. & De Baets, J. (2008). Indus- trial and technical aspects of chip embedding technology. In Proc. 2nd Electronics System-In- tegration Technology Conference, Greenwich, London, pp 315–320. 2. Wang, L., Sterken, T., Cauwe, M., Cuypers, D. & Vanfleteren, J. (2012). Fabrication and characterization of flexible ultrathin chip pack- age using photosensitive polyimide. IEEE Trans. Comp., Packag., Manufact. Technol. 2(7), 1099– 1106. 3. Sterken, T., Vermeiren, F., Tremlett, P., Christiaens, W. & Vanfleteren, J. (2012). Embed- ding Thinned Chips in Flexible PCBs. In Proc 4th Electronics System Integration Technolo- gies Conference (CD-ROM), Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 4. Priyabadini, S., Sterken, T., Cauwe, M., Van Hoorebeke, L. & Vanfleteren, J. (2014). High-Yield Fabrication Process for 3D-Stacked Ultrathin Chip Packages Using Photo-Definable Polyimide and Symmetry in Packages. IEEE Trans. Comp., Packag., Manufact. Technol. 4(1), 158–167. 5. Yung-Yu H., Gonzalez, M., Bossuyt, F., Vanfleteren, J. & De Wolf, I. (2011). Polyimide- Enhanced Stretchable Interconnects: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices. 58(8), 2680–2688. 6. Bossuyt, F., Vervust, T. & Vanfleteren, J. (2013). Stretchable Electronics Technology for Large Area Applications: Fabrication and Me- chanical Characterization. IEEE Trans. Comp., Packag., Manufact. Technol. 3(2), 229–235. 7. Gonzalez, M., Axisa, F., Vanden, B.M., Brosteaux, D., Vandevelde, B. & Vanfleteren, J. (2008). Design of metal interconnects for stretchable electronic circuits. Microelectron. Rel. 48(6), 825–832. 8. Juul, P. (2010). Solder Joint Reliability. 1st Electronic Materials and Assembly Processes for Space (EMPS) Workshop, Portsmouth, UK. 9. Tegehall, P-E. (2013). IMC Layers Formed with Various Combinations of Solders and Sur- face Finishes and Their Effect on Solder Joint Reliability. 4th Electronic Materials and Assem- bly Processes for Space (EMPS) Workshop, Aal- borg, Denmark. 10. Hokka, J., Mattila, T. T., Xu, H., & Paulas- to-Kröckel, M. (2013). Thermal Cycling Reliabil- ity of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Interconnections, Part 1: Effects of Test Parameters. Journal of Electronic Materials. 42(6), 1171–1183. 11. Hokka, J., Mattila, T. T., Xu, H., & Paulas- to-Kröckel, M. (2013). Thermal Cycling Reliabil- ity of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Interconnections, Part 2: Failure Mechanisms. 42(6), 963–972. This paper was originally presented at the EMPPS Workshop, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, May 2014. FLExIBLE AND STRETCHABLE CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGIES FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS continues Maarten cauwe is a team leader at imec. Frederick bossuyt is a team leader at imec. Johan De baets is a researcher at imec. Jan Vanfleteren is a project manager at imec. reservations for delegate places and bookings for tabletop exhibition space are already being re- ceived for the SMarT Group European conference & Exhibition, to be held September 22–23 at the national Physical laboratory (nPl), one of the uK's leading science and research facilities, in london. The conference will be held over two days with a table top exhibition, allowing delegates to meet many of the leading suppliers of materials, equip- ment and testing services in the industry. The exhibition will open each day prior to the start of the conference, during the coffee breaks and lunch. a special reception for delegates, speakers and exhibitors will be held on the first evening of the conference. E-mail info@smartgroup.org or visit www.smartgroup.org. Sign up For SMART Group's 2015 European Conference FeAtuRe

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