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44 The PCB Design Magazine • June 2015 Like many of you, I am one of the "trade show guys" at my company. When we're exhib- iting at a trade show, I'm likely to be one of the people heading to the show to man our booth and show off our latest design software. Today is one of those days. It's Monday mid-morning; my work is fin- ished and I'm packed and ready to go. I take a moment to go out to the backyard to say good- bye to my dog. True to form, he doesn't really care that I'm going to be gone for four days, he's only interested if I've brought him some sort of treat or if I am going to play with him. Since I'm doing neither, he stretches and goes back to sleep; so much for man's best friend. Leaving him to his nap, I hop into the truck and head to the airport. The shuttle driver tak- ing me from the parking lot to the terminal wishes me well as I exit his van and hurry in- side to the security checkpoint. Once again I am very thankful for my "known traveler number" which allows me to bypass the slow-moving se- curity line. An hour later, we are lifting off the runway and headed south. Look out Phoenix! I'm headed your way for the International Mi- crowave Symposium, also known as IMS 2015. For companies involved in RF and microwave applications, this show is a must-attend. The plane arrives in Phoenix after a fair amount of bumps on the way in. Not enough to make me sick, but enough to discourage a meal anytime soon. I meet up with one of my co-workers, who has just arrived, and we head out the door to find the third member of our group, the one with the rental car. The team is now complete. Since we all work in different geographical offices, there is a lot of catching up to do. What's new with the kids? Where are you going for vacation this year? I miss these people and it is great to reconnect with them again. Our first stop is the convention center to check in and finalize the Intercept booth setup. by Tim Haag InTERCEPT TEChnoLogy TIM'S TAkEAWAyS It's Trade Show Time column

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