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8 SMT Magazine • August 2015 by Stephen Las Marias i-connecT007 EDITOR'S NOTE A Letter from the New Editor Column Apart from the new strategies we are im- plementing in our magazines here at I-Con- nect007, there's another thing that will seem new to you—if you have been an avid reader of SMT Magazine. It's me (check out the handsome photo at the end of this article), the proud new managing editor of this publication. I'm taking this opportunity to tell you a bit about me and provide some insights as to where things are headed for SMT Magazine. I have been an editor in the business-to-business (B2B) publishing industry for more than 12 years, covering the electronics industry—from microelectronics design and systems to elec- tronic components, sub-assemblies, and sup- ply chain—to factory automation and control systems technologies. While it will be a huge challenge to follow the steps of my predecessors here at SMT Magazine, I am motivated to con- tribute my ideas and continue to improve the quality of our magazines. With my introduction finished, let's move on to the August issue of SMT Magazine. As you may have noticed, we have changed the way we develop the content for our mag- azines here at I-Connect007. The electronics industry has been changing at a rapid pace— breakthroughs are being made almost on a daily basis—therefore we also have to adapt to make sure our magazine content is fresh and relevant, and address the latest challenges of the PCB de- sign, fabrication and assembly industries. You have already seen it in our July issue, wherein our focus was on supply chain and supply chain management. For this issue, we tackled process failure in manufacturing electronics assemblies. I am pretty sure you will find our lineup interesting and thought-provoking. Based on our survey, the various businesses we cover can be summarized into four major issues: poor process control, poor training of

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