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What's relevant for today's OEM, EMS or ODM Company? Each year, a new slew of terms and definitions become common place in the manufacturing process. To meet these needs, T-50 Revision M, Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits, delivers users the most up-to-date descriptions and illustrations of electronic interconnect industry terminology. It is a dynamic standard that adapts to the industry to provide the most thorough dictionary in the industry. T-50M brings 150 new terms, while eliminating out-of-date terminology in order to provide a streamlined standard that focuses on the trending language of the electronics industry. This revision includes terms often cited in other standards, here is a sneak peek at some of the newly added terms for T-50 Revision M: • Backfill (Liquid) The act of sealing the edge of a component with an adhesive or encapsulate to prevent intrusion of liquids or other contaminants. • Glob-Topped Encapsulation A localized application of a viscous compound to a printed board assembly, other substrate or component/wire, which is then fully cured to provide mechanical support and environmental protection. • Microsection (Mount) The polymer encapsulation of a sample for support during destructive cross-sectional view preparation. Without this support, the sample would be unacceptably deformed by grinding and polishing, such that it could not be examined. It is commonly used for the microscopic examination of printed board features. Stay up to date with the trending terms covering the newest emerging technologies. Prepare for tomorrow's discussions by downloading T-50M today. T-50M: Defining the Language of an Industry

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