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26 The PCB Magazine • August 2015 by Steve Williams The RighT AppRoAch consulTing (TRA c ) I had the opportunity to sit down with op- erations and supply chain expert Fane Friberg recently to talk about how a company can only be as good as its supply base, and how driving supplier improvement directly impacts product improvement. Steve Williams: Hi, Fane. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and talk about a sub- ject near and dear to both our hearts—supplier development. You have been a senior operations and supply chain executive for some of the biggest companies in our industry, including Plexus, GE Oil & Gas, Avnet, GE Aircraft and Goodrich, as well as turning around a number of smaller manufactur- ing organizations. I understand you have recently started your own company, Cephas. Can you tell me a little about it? Fane Friberg: Cephas is a supply chain con- sulting group that strives to optimize the value proposition for the companies it engages with. It's a slant on the theory of con- straints (ToC), in- troduced by Eliya- hu M. Goldratt in his 1984 book, The Goal. What is it to- day that needs at- tention to resolve pain points, pro- cesses, and chal- lenges, and then to design solutions that address exactly those things. To have a standard platform that drives a competitive advantage, the manufacturing op- erations team (inclusive of those suppliers that provide business value) must have a proven methodology to realize profound impact and sustainable results. This includes: • Analytics • Alerts • Advice • Action Fighting the War on Failure with Supplier Analytics: An Interview with Fane Friberg feature Fane Friberg

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