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10 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2015 Why don't you start off by saying what fail- ure means to each of you at the design stage and at the board shop stage? Kelly Dack: Andy, failure is defined as not meeting the intended objective. But I think the concept is easily confused if coming from isolated design and manufacturing perspec - tives. Meeting the intended objective success- fully can only come from allied efforts. De- signers need to describe or define objectives for their projects in terms of concise orders in order to make successful products, but this will only come about if the folks giving orders are also able to follow orders. Mark Thompson: Absolutely, I agree with Kel - ly entirely. I'd say from the fabrication side, following orders is easy if the orders are given from time-proven, industry standard speci- by Andy Shaughnessy PCBDesiGn007 There's been a lot of talk about fighting the war on failure in the PCB industry. But what strategies should our generals follow to prosecute this war? What exactly constitutes a failure in the first place? Is this war even winnable? I recently spoke with longtime de- signer Kelly Dack and CAM support veteran Mark Thompson of Prototron Circuits about the best battle plans for beating failure, and why designers and manufacturers must team up against this common enemy. Andy Shaughnessy: Kelly, you recently said, "Fail- ure wins when it leverages the guerrilla warfare tactic of divide and conquer to confuse and disori- ent the product development community. Designers and manufacturers must unite to fight this war." Kelly Dack and Mark Thompson Unite in the War on Failure feature

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