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September 2015 • SMT Magazine 13 tive reasons to be energized and proud of our organization. SMTA is an em- powering platform from which indi- viduals exchange and enhance knowl- edge and skills to personally succeed in a way that leads to the collective institutional success. We are grateful for being networked together through SMTA. We are privileged to be a part of this dynamic and relentlessly innova- tive industry. As we forge ahead into the fourth decade of our journey, I wish all mem- bers and friends of the SMTA com- munity a splendid vista. In my SMTA Newsletter column, "From the Presi- dent," dated January, 1994, I stated,"... As we celebrate SMTA's fulfilling ten (10) years, we also are preparing to take on the new challenges ahead of us. The challenge that our industry faces in the global economy is to-do- more-faster-with-less. In other words, achieve higher productivity, lower cost and higher quality..." The mission to meet this challenge marches on... smt Dr. Hwang, an international businesswom- an and speaker, and business and technol- ogy advisor, is a pioneer and long-standing contributor to SMT manufacturing since its inception, as well as to the lead-free elec- tronics implementation. among her many awards and honors, she is inducted to the WiT interna- tional Hall of fame, elected to the national academy of engineering, and named an r&D-Stars-to-Watch. Hav- ing held senior executive positions with lockheed Mar- tin corp., Sherwin Williams co., ScM corp, and ieM corp., she is currently ceo of H-Technologies group, providing business, technology and manufacturing solutions. She serves as chairman of assessment board of DoD army research laboratory, commerce Depart- ment's export council, various national panels/commit- tees, international leadership positions, and the board of fortune 500 nYSe companies and civic and univer- sity boards. She is the author of 450+ publications and several textbooks, and an international speaker and author on trade, business, education, and social issues. Her formal education includes four academic degrees as well as Harvard business School executive program and columbia university corporate governance program. for further info, visit To read past columns, click here. Smt proSpeCtS & perSpeCtiveS surFACe mOuNt teCHNOLOGy AssOCIAtION—A NeW mILestONe continues a new grant seeking to develop new tech- niques for creating high-temperature materials is taking advantage of Duke university's exper- tise in computational materials genomics—the computer modeling of novel materials to iden- tify which might have desirable properties. led by nc State university's Stefano curatolo (pictured), the new initiative addresses fundamental scientific ques- tions that could lead to so-called "entro- py-stabilized alloys." The initiative also includes the university of virginia and the university of california, San Diego, and is funded by a five-year, $8.4 million grant from the office of naval research (onr). "The Defense Department has a need for materials that are mechanically and chemically stable at temperatures of 2000°c or more," says Don brenner, Kobe Steel Distinguished professor of Materials Science and engineering at nc State and principal investigator under the onr grant. "These materials can have significant aerospace applications, but the number of usable materi- als is currently small, and those materials rely on strong chemical bonding to remain stable. at high temperatures, most materials are simply no longer stable." These alloys are of interest for use in ultra-high temperature applications be- cause of their unique ability to "absorb" disorder in a material's crystalline struc- ture that otherwise would lead to the breakdown of a material. researchers Develop New techniques for Creating High-temp Alloys

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