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September 2015 • SMT Magazine 49 Acknowledgement The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of Flextronics B11 production team, especially for Andrew Qi, AEG-Asia RTC Arnel Camacho, and AEG-Asia DFX manager GP Li. references 1. Haresh Khemani, "What are strain gauges and how they work?" 2. IPC/JEDEC-9704: Printed Wiring Board Strain Gauge Test Guideline, 2005. 3. Altair: RADIOSS solver manual. michael randy sumalinog is fea analyst, advanced engineering group—Dfx asia, at flextronics. Jesus tan is Senior Dfx manager, advanced engineering group, at flextronics. murad Kurwa is vp engineering, advanced engineering group, at flextronics. figure 11: Max. strain graph (bga location change). evALuAtING mANuAL AND AutOmAteD HeAt sINK AssembLy continues ArtiCle The best way to learn about 3D printer tech- nology is to build a printer. That's the idea be- hind 3D printer Summer Workshops conducted in pittsburgh, Harrisburg and allentown for stu- dents in the pennsylvania cyber charter School STeM program. This is the third summer for the week-long 3D printer build workshops. Joel cilli runs the online school's STeM pro- gram and leads the workshops. He has created and posted a series of how-to videos to guide not only workshop par- ticipants, but anyone who undertakes to build print- rbot play 3D printers from a kit. "i made all the assem- bly videos at home over the summer and shared them via youtube," cilli said. "My instructions are now linked on the manufacturer's website so that anyone in the world can follow along with the same build in- structions we use in the workshop. i video re- corded how to do the steps because still pictures just aren't clear enough," he said. During the workshops, "The videos play at the front of the room and the students follow the steps. We walk around to each person's desk to check their work and offer assistance." cilli said the printrbot play is an all-metal- body 3D printer that was released this summer. Workshop students pay a discounted equip- ment fee of $200 for the kit and take it home with them – it's theirs. Workshops were held at pa cyber regional workshops in allentown, Harrisburg and Wexford, near pittsburgh. Staffer Karen cummings assisted with the Harrisburg and allentown workshops. PA STEM Students Learn about 3D Printer Technology by Building One

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