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58 SMT Magazine • September 2015 by stephen Las marias i-connecT007 In an interview with I-Connect007, Jens Ko- kott, head of AOI systems at GOEPEL Electron- ic, discusses the increasing need for continuous development of testing technologies to cater to the innovations happening at breakneck speed in the automotive electronics industry. Stephen Las Marias: Please tell us about the ma- jor changes or trends you have witnessed during the development or evolution of the automotive electronics industry. Jens Kokott: In the automotive electronics in- dustry, the challenges regarding 100% func- tionality of all components are growing con- stantly. That means maximization of quality assurance and inspection depth in production processes. In connection with new innovative components and production technologies, this requires permanent development of inspection technologies. We experience an increasing tran- sition from "inspecting" to "measure," espe- cially when it comes to different kinds of appli- cation (e.g., distance measurement of compo- nents or spatial allocation of components [3D measurement]). Furthermore, Industry 4.0 is on the horizon: requirements according to dif- ferent MES (manufacturing execution systems) connections have established themselves in the meantime to an extremely important part of the overall system. Las Marias: what are the impacts of these trends for test and inspection companies? Kokott: Through the use of new components and introduction of new innovative production technologies, continuous development of test- ing technologies is necessary. Permanent con- tact with the automotive manufacturers and electronic manufacturing companies is neces- sary to know new requirements. High invest- ments in development are inevitable to prepare the test and inspection systems. Cooperation with research institutes and suppliers is essen- tial to incorporate the latest technical develop- ments into the systems. Especially regarding From Inspecting to Measure: How Automotive Electronics are Driving AOI Developments figure 1: 3D measurement of components. FeAture interview

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