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62 SMT Magazine • September 2015 I-Connect007's Barry Matties speaks with Brad Perkins, general business manager, Ameri- cas, of Nordson ASYMTEK, about the current demands put on dispensing equipment. Perkins discusses the benefits of investing in a high-end dispenser and coating system. Barry Matties: why don't you just talk a little bit first about what asYmtEK does? Brad Perkins: Nordson ASYMTEK is a manufac- turer of automated fluid dispensing and coat- ing equipment. We supply primarily high-vol- ume customers. That's really where our niche is: supporting those 24/7 manufacturing envi- ronments across the world. We have a global footprint and have the ability to support large multinational customers with any of their re- quirements worldwide. Matties: what sort of demands are customers putting on you these days? Perkins: The general industry demand that we're seeing is for lower cost of ownership of the equipment in the manufacturing process, so that as you look at the floor space associated with a piece of equipment you ask, how may a customer generate more revenue out of that floor space? Higher yields and faster through- puts are associated with that, as well. Matties: what strategies do you look at to re- duce your process time or their overall cycle time? Perkins: There are two aspects that really come into the process time and the cycle time aspects of it: The first is utilization of the equipment. We're a manufacturer of fluid dispensing equip- ment, so the more time that the part is able to spend in the equipment actually being dis- pensed on is going to be advantageous for us. We've done things to reduce our load time and our fiducial find time or pattern recognition, The Demands on Automated Fluid Dispensing interview

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