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76 The PCB Magazine • September 2015 Resource integration is very important for the traditional enterprises producing automobile electronic products. Nowadays, many enterpris- es attempt to enter into the automobile elec- tronic products manufacturing industry. That said, they lack the knowledge of the relevant future needs for technology and products. In this regard, it is very dangerous to blindly invest and expand in this industry. THE IMPACT OF AuTOMOTIVE TRENDS ON CHINA'S PCB SuPPLy CHAIN continues Jack Dong, executive director, shengyi technology co. ltd. FEAturE IntErvIEw thriving in a global Auto market in the industry 4.0 era, the global automo- tive electronics industry is experiencing rapid growth. as cars utilize increasingly more elec- tronic systems, the "connected car" has be- come an industry hot topic in recent years. as a result of the growth in automotive electronics and through years of persistent ef- fort, shengyi's automotive segment has now become a niche market of significant value. moreover, high-reliability copper clad laminate (ccl), which is used in automotive electronics, is becoming one of the highlights of shengyi's business. the market for anti-caf laminate, heavy copper laminate and radar board laminate fa- vored by the automotive segment has been surging recently. shengyi has abundant ex- perience in anti-caf, heavy copper and high- frequency applications. Recently, after S1000 lead-free compatible fr-4 became widely used in automotive electronics, shengyi launched its second-generation high-reliability prod- uct—Autolad series for automotive electronic control units and radar board laminate for au- tomotive 77g radar board. Within the last few months, as autolad be- came a hot topic at the shanghai cPca show, many well-known automotive customers like Bosch, continental, trW, and lear, among others, visited shengyi to discuss potential partnerships. most notably was Daimler-Benz, who visited the shengyi songshan lake site with other car makers. they learned shengyi's automotive customers were all impressed by the company's production process control, ex- cellent on-site management and exclusive na- tional r&D center ability. shengyi will continue to seek alliances with a variety of global automobile manufacturers and with the goal of becoming a leader in the automotive electronics market.

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