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56 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2015 MilAero007 Highlights RED Epic Dragon Camera Captures Riveting Images on Space Station In October 2014 NASA delivered high-definition, 3D footage of astronauts living and working on the International Space Station to the Internet, posting video of astronauts exploring water tension in mi- crogravity. The same engineers have now delivered a new camera capable of recording images with six times more detail than either of the previous cameras. NASA's Space Launch System Design 'Right on Track' for Journey to Mars You know the feeling of pride and achievement when you've worked really hard on a term paper, and finally turn it in? That's how the critical de- sign review team for NASA's Space Launch System is feeling this week as the program completed its review. Agricultural Drones and Flexible Circuits According to MIT Technology Review, one of the Top 10 breakthrough technologies last year was the agricultural drone. I focused on drones in one of my recent columns, Flexible Circuits and UAV Applications, which briefly mentioned agriculture as one of the uses for drones. Could 'Windbots Someday Explore the Skies of Jupiter? Among designers of robotic probes to explore the planets, there is certainly no shortage of clever ideas. There are concepts for robots that are pro- pelled by waves in the sea. There are ideas for tumbleweed bots driven by wind, rolling across Antarctica or Mars. Recently a team of engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory wondered if a probe could be buoyant in the clouds of Earth or a distant gas giant planet, like Jupiter. Airbus Defence and Space and Lockheed Martin to Upgrade German Navy P-3C Orion Fleet Airbus Defence and Space together with its team partner Lockheed Martin Overseas Services Corpo- ration (LMOSC) are to undertake a Mid-Life Up- grade (MLU)—re-winging—of the German Navy fleet of P-3C Orion maritime patrol and anti-sub- marine warfare aircraft. Gary Ferrari Shares His Thoughts on PCB Design and More Recently, I had a chance to talk with Gary Ferrari, the director of technical support at Firan Technol- ogy Group Corporation (FTG). Our conversation ranged from CID training to the need for reaching high school students as a way of introducing more young people to career opportunities in our indus- try. We also covered strategies for helping custom- ers design and build better product, and keeping designers provided with the most critical part of their supply chain—information. Latent Short Circuit Failure in High-Rel PCBs Due To Cleanliness of PCB Processes and Base Materials Latent short circuit failures have been observed during testing of PCBs for power distribution of spacecraft of the European Space Agency. Root cause analysis indicates that foreign fibers may have contaminated the PCB laminate. These fibers can provide a pathway for electromigration if they bridge the clearance between nets of different po- tential in the presence of humidity attracted by the hygroscopic laminate resin. Boeing Salt Lake Team Trades Hand Tools for Robots To help meet Commercial Airplanes increased production rates, Boeing Salt Lake employees are transforming the way they build and paint 787-9 horizontal stabilizers. Future Army Nanosatellites to Empower Soldiers One Army project is making the future of sat- ellite communications more responsive to Sol- diers' needs. The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Com- mand's Nanosatellite Program, or SNaP, will be a small satellite communications, or SATCOM, constellation. This will allow communication across great distances using existing UHF tacti- cal radios. 56 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2015

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