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62 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2015 1 Beyond Design: Stackup Planning, Part 2 in Part 1 of the Stackup Planner series, i looked at how the stackup is built, the materials used in construction and the lamination process. And i set out some basic rules to follow for high-speed de- sign. it is important keep return paths, crosstalk and eMi in mind during the design process. Part 2 follows on from this with definitions of basic stack- ups starting with four and six layers. 2 The Shaughnessy Report: The PCB Design Supply Chain We asked readers of The PCB Design Magazine if their supply chain was a problem for them. Al- most two thirds of respondents said no, but a solid 37% said yes. And surprisingly, for many it was an emphatic "yes." navigating the supply chain is a huge challenge for some of our leading companies. 3 Nick Barbin: From Designer to EMS Company owner Many PCB designers would rather do just about anything than pore over a P&L spreadsheet. But nick Barbin isn't a typical designer. he co-found- ed Optimum Design Associates over two decades ago, and later expanded into contract manufac- turing. i caught up with nick recently and asked him how he wound up leading an eMS company on the inc. 5000 list. 4 Training the Next-Generation Engineer: When Does it Begin and End? American engineering companies are seeing a severe shortage of the homegrown engineers re- quired to compete globally. Just go into any com- pany today and you'll notice that increasingly, the engineers are foreign-born. Our local universities are seeing fewer and fewer American engineering students each year. 5 Mentor White Paper: Analyzing Crosstalk's Impact on BER Performance This paper by Mentor Graphics' vladimir Dmit- riev-zdorov and zhen Mu discusses two major is- sues associated with channel crosstalk that have not been fully addressed previously: models from measurements and algorithms for BeR prediction. it presents a practical solution that allows design- ers to add in near-end or far-end crosstalk. ToP Ten Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007 62 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2015

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