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September 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 63 6 ICD Expands Reseller Network in Europe in-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (iCD), Australia, develop- er of the iCD Stackup and PDn Planner software, has expanded its reseller network in europe. Pre- mier eDA Solutions Ltd. has been appointed the iCD distributor in the uK and ireland, and will also service the europe-Middle east-Africa (eMeA) re- gions. 7 Fighting the War on Failure Multiple iterations and board re-spins weren't an issue until price and time-to-market made them an issue. Once high-speed PCBs became the norm, doing redesigns and building prototype after pro- totype was no longer financially feasible. Design teams began using simulation and analysis, the "right the first time" movement took off, and now we look at the old way as a failure. 8 Engineer Steve Weir Has Passed Away We're sad to report that engineer Steve Weir has died. A cutting-edge engineering consultant, Steve had an irreverent sense of humor that you don't find among most engineers. At DesignCon, Steve introduced me to a few other ees, with ca- veats such as, "John's an Si engineer, but more importantly, the statute of limitations has run out on his unprosecuted felonies. And don't let him near your wife. Or your son, for that matter." it was like that with Steve. We need more people like him. 9 Polar Instruments launches New language versions of The Speedstack PCB layer Stackup Design System Polar instruments has launched new language versions of Speedstack, the industry's best-selling PCB layer stackup design system. in addition to english, Speedstack is now available in German, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chi- nese versions. J IPC APEX EXPo 2016 Seeks Technical Abstracts iPC invites researchers, academics, technical ex- perts and industry leaders to submit technical conference abstracts for iPC APeX eXPO 2016 at the Las vegas Convention Center in Las vegas. The technical conference will be held March 15- 17, 2016. The deadline for technical conference paper abstracts has been extended to September 14, 2015. for the latest circuit design news and information — anywhere, anytime. September 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 63

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