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14 SMT Magazine • October 2015 in a work flow, identify waste and its sources, identify where change is required, standardize the process, and identify potential problems that could be encountered in the future state. It can also be used as a tool for planning as well as for managing changes. The VSM process helps make organizations more efficient by improv- ing their processes. Let's see how VSM is applied in an EMS environment. The illustration below is an example of how a VSM project is done. The workshop typically runs for several days depending on the com- plexity of a certain project under study, while project closure is targeted within six months. Pre-work is being done prior to the learning session and workshop. This includes gathering and analysis of business operations informa- tion, important production details and current performance. The line walk helps in gathering more information and shows the actual sce- nario of production where team members do line observation in each process and take notes. This forms part of the actual mapping process. And like any other improvement discipline, the VALue StreAM MAPPInG: oPerAtIonALIzInG LeAn MAnuFActurInG FeATure Table 1. Figure 1: an example of how a VSM project is done.

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