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6 SMT Magazine • October 2015 Feature Columns the need for Speed by Stephen Las Marias reducing Print cycle times by Mitch Holtzer and Lourenco Nampo cycle time reduction with WorK, Part I by Steve Williams Columns Gold embrittlement Mitigation: understanding the new J-Std-001 requirements by Bob Wettermann Selecting a reflow oven, Part 3 by Robert Voigt extras events calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead T A b l e O F C O n T e n T s ocTober 2015 voluMe 30 nuMber 10 engineering SOluTiOnS for pcb ManufacTuring 8 26 52 62 74 80 81 shorts darwin on a chip nanostructures for contactless control A Fast cell Sorter Shrinks to cell Phone Size Permanent data Storage with Light news highlights Market MilAero Supply Line SMt007 29 51 67 73 34 56 68 78 m a g a z i n E

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