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34 SMT Magazine • November 2015 Moradkhan: First, at a two-dimensional level, the amount of data that's presented in canned reports coming straight out of their systems is limited. Our application is Web-based, and it's all built for continuous drill-down. What we've learned—because even though we are a soft- ware company, we are manufacturing people who come from manufacturing backgrounds— is that when you're analyzing a particular dy- namic or asking a question, it actually turns into a series of questions. A report can tell you how much you have on hand of a part. Then you say, "Well, I wonder how much that is in comparison to the demand I have for the part," which is another report. "Oh, I see that I have way more than what my demand is. Yet another report tells you, "I won- der who I bought this from." This is the normal way that human beings query. You don't get your answer with one question. It's a layered analysis that you're doing, where you could be drilling up, drilling down, drilling sideways; the Web is so conducive to this rather than two- dimensional reports. The fact that Portus is linked real-time to their data sources means that it's just always there. With a traditional, two-dimensional view, you'd have to run your reports again in a week, because a week's worth of data has been added. It's this accumulative effect of effort to produce inferior two-dimensional reports, compared to always on, always available, multilayered views of the data. That's where the power comes in. Matties: the idea is that they can get this data if they spend the time and energy, but with your system, it's just there in an instant. they don't even have to think about it. Moradkhan: Right, and if they happen to be us- ing one of the ERP systems that we already have customers with, then you're really talking about a plug-and-play solution, but beyond that, a plug-and-play solution that is verifiably used by ImProvING ProDUCTIoN eFFICIeNCIeS WITH beTTer DATA STrATeGIeS FeaTure INTervIeW portus president and ceo, bill Moradkhan.

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