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December 2015 • SMT Magazine 17 Barthel: Yes, that goes right in line with our growth in the student area. There are four levels of membership: student; individual member- ship, which is very common for one person; corporate, which is for one address; and global corporate, which is for everyone. Goldman: What are the price points, starting with the student? Barthel: The student membership is $20 a year. Goldman: that certainly is encouraging to them. Barthel: We just want them to know about the association. We're not charging the $5 to make money; we're charging this amount so they rec- ognize that they belong to something. Individual membership is $75. Members get access to the database we talked about, which is worth thousands of dollars if the were to purchase these papers on their own. The Corporate Mem- bership gives you one location for $450. Every- body at that address may participate in events like this at a pretty steep discount, purchase books, etc. The Association knows people have travel restrictions or time restrictions so we're offering education through the web. We have strong we- binars and web tutorials online on a regular basis. People can just sign up and participate. A lot of the names people recognize, people who are real experts in the industry are doing this at the com- fort and convenience of their own desk. Of course the Global Membership comes with several individual memberships—11 mem- ber log-ins, actually, but then you can add as many people through individual memberships as you like at a further discount. Each member gets their own log-in account that gives them full access the database. Goldman: the corporate is $450 with one member log in, which is not quite the same. then it costs $50 dollars for each additional member in that corporation? Barthel: The Corporate Membership applies to everyone at that location. Take for example an employee working on a surface mount line in the factory. They might not be an engineer who is going to want to do research and use the Knowledge Base log-in, but with a Corporate Membership they can to come to an event and get the 15% discount, which can pay for itself at one event. Goldman: is there anything else you would like to add? Barthel: No, except that I'm glad you gave me this opportunity to speak with you today. Goldman: networking is not just for finding jobs. it's for being able to communicate with others, learn and spread the knowledge, too. Barthel: Not only that, but in this age of Google, I often think to myself how some people don't ask questions anymore. Why have a dialogue with somebody when I can just search the in- ternet for an answer? With SMTA, I have access to face-to-face net- working opportunities which also offers a cama- raderie—and I really want to stress this. There's a real fraternal part of the Association that we appreciate and promote. You're here, Patty, and I hope you feel it with the other members you meet, which is something you don't get every- where. That comes with people who sincerely enjoy helping others so you can trust them or recognize where they're coming from. Goldman: thank you so much. Barthel: Thanks for your time. SmT SmTA: WorKInG HArD For THe GLobAL InDUSTry FeATure inTerview

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