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38 SMT Magazine • December 2015 by Patty Goldman i-ConnECT007 At the recent SMTA International conference in Chicago, I sat down with Lenora Toscano, OEM director for the company's electronics so- lutions division, based in Waterbury, Connecti- cut. Our conversation covered MacDermid's dedication to fully understanding the needs of the end-user market of PCBs, her own role at the company, which involves much interaction with OEMs, and the benefits that both she and MacDermid bring to SMTA and IPC meetings. Patty Goldman: lenora, tell me a little bit about your company and your role there. Lenora Toscano: Our electronics division sup- plies chemicals and chemical processes to PCB manufacturers. In an effort to expand our cus- tomer base using our knowledge from PCB manufacturing, we recently introduced a pho- tovoltaics and an electronic packaging seg- ment to our portfolio. This allows us to take the knowledge and expertise we have from 90 years in metal finishing and 50 years in electrical in- terconnect, then expand that knowledge base to emerging markets. Exposure into these new markets also allows for more innovation. My role is to understand the needs of my customers' customers, the end-users. We sell to the PCB manufacturer and they then sell to an OEM in any type of industry—consumer elec- tronics, automotive, infrastructure, etc.—and it's my responsibility to understand what these end use markets require in their PCB perfor- mance. If we have an understanding of what their end use needs are, and what their perfor- mance criteria is, we can ensure that the chemi- cal processes we have at the manufacturer are appropriate for today's technology, as well as provide a pipeline of products for use in future designs. Goldman: how long have you been with macder- mid? Toscano: It was my first job out of college; I'm starting my 18th year. Goldman: that's impressive. Toscano: Yes, it was the right decision for me and it has been a great opportunity. I've been OEM Applications: MacDermid's OEM Director Embraces Renewed Focus FeATure inTerview

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