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94 SMT Magazine • December 2015 1 The SmT Internet of Things— back to basics Different people have different understandings and expectations about what the internet of Things (ioT) actually is, especially with respect to how it could work and what it could bring to the SMT assembly in- dustry. There are a lot of expectations to fulfil as principles behind innovations such as industry 4.0 take hold. 2 Declaring War on Failure in electronics failure, in electronics, while not necessarily de- sired by either manufac- turer or consumer, is ex- pected. This is not to say that the industry has not attempted to improve reliability. in this article, Verdant Electronics' Jo- seph Fjelstad writes that much is being done in an effort to improve reliability with new solder alloys, new fluxes, new materials, new equipment and process parameters. 3 The rise of Structural electronics Structural electronics is one of the most impor- tant technological de- velopments of this cen- tury. it forms a key part of the dream, first for- mulated 30 years ago, of computing disap- pearing into the fabric of society. it also addresses, in a particularly el- egant manner, the dream of Edison in 1880 that electricity should be made where it is needed. 4 Time to Ditch Heavy metal for Soft rock? Yash Sutariya and Thom- as S. Tarter shine a light on the often overlooked topic when it comes to PCBs for lEDs: reliability. They wrote that compos- ite materials can provide both a thermal manage- ment solution and a di- mensional stability solution that has not yet been presented through conventional materials. Pete's ToP Ten sMT Articles for 2015 94 SMT Magazine • December 2015 Pete Starkey i-Connect007 Technical Editor

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