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26 The PCB Magazine • December 2015 by Patty Goldman I-cOnnect007 I met with the IPC's VP of Standards and Technology, Dave Bergman, while in Chicago recently. I've known Dave for almost 30 years, so we had quite a chat, covering a lot of ground, from the efforts of IPC China and IPC India, to the standards activities that are certainly the core activity of IPC. Patty Goldman: Dave, it is good to see you as al- ways. How about we start with telling me a little bit about your job and what you are responsible for. I know everything morphs a little bit, as time goes by. Dave Bergman: I am currently vice president of standards and training at IPC. As part of my activities, I retain some international respon- sibilities, including leading IPC's India office, and European representatives in Sweden and Russia. I oversee all of our standardization ef- forts, our certification and training efforts, as well as validation services QML certification, the new SGA standards gap analysis program and multimedia training DVDs and online vid- eos being developed for shop floor operators and technicians. Goldman: Tell me more about your international responsibilities. Bergman: From the international standpoint, I am responsible for the relationship between IPC and other global associations, many of which are in the World Electronics Circuits Council (WECC). These associations have a sig- nificant focus on the PCB industry in their re- gions and while this is still an important part of IPC activities, it is only a piece of the market we serve. WECC relations still help IPC in the area of market research, standards and government relations. I was formerly responsible for the China office. I got involved in IPC China when we started the office in 2002. I took over the man- agement in 2007. IPC China activities grew enough to the point where IPC's board said they wanted to have a full-time president re- sponsible for China. When we hired a full-time president in 2012, I transitioned into other ar- eas of responsibility and turned over the reins to Phil Carmichael. I still support IPC China in their standards and certifications efforts and expect this to con- tinue, as it is important that IPC's standards ef- forts be coordinated globally. In addition, I put considerable effort into the activities of IPC In- Dave Bergman: IPC's Technology & International Reach FeATure inTerview

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