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52 The PCB Magazine • December 2015 In addition, CPCA has held the Electronics Industry Summit annually since 2005. In 2015, the summit held China's printed circuit indus- try Top 100 certification ceremony at the same time, which brought this event to the next lev- el. This will be an important annual benchmark for the industry. CPCA has a sub organization, the Technical Committee of Science and Technology, which is a professional industrial technology organi- zation. The CPCA Technology Technical Com- mittee holds a PCB Technology/Information Forum in spring and autumn every year. To ensure effective communication links be- tween enterprises and associations, in-depth un- derstanding of the actual situation of the enter- prise, to help companies cope with the difficulties, solve problems, and steady development, the As- sociation continued to visit outstanding national enterprises and entrepreneurs. In 2015, the As- sociation visited Hirotoshi Electronics, Shennan Wuxi, Wuxi-Fast Print, Jiang Su Guangxin, Sheng Wang Technology, San De Guan, Xusen Precision Circuit, Jingming Machinery, Ke Ludi, East Space Light, Hang Sheng circuit, Galaxia Electronics, Honesty and electronics, Huangshi WUS, Kun- Shan dong wei, Guangde Boya, Guangde Baoda, Guangde Ju Kang, Guangde Longtai, Guangde Sansheng, Huangshi Shangda, Shanghai Jindu and some other large enterprises. I-Connect007: Please list the two or three biggest advantages and benefits that CPCA provides to members? CPCA: The biggest advantages are: 1. Providing an exhibition platform (CPCA SHOW) and opportunity for the members. 2. Providing personnel training for the industry by qualifying domestic colleges, promoting research with the institutions and enterprises, and establishing printed circuit professional courses for the electronics industry. 3. Providing members the chance to exchange information during visits and other learning opportunities with international companies and the association. In 2015 CPCA delegations visited the United States, South Korea, Japan, India, and the Taiwan exhibition. We organized nearly 200 people. For the members who can took the opportunity to learn foreign PCB market development, this was a great info exchange. I-Connect007: How much does membership cost? CPCA: Membership cost is based on a compa- ny's annual sales income, as follows: • 5 million CNY enterprises contribute 1,000 CNY/year • 5–50 million CNY enterprises contribute 3,000 CNY/year • Above 50 million CNY enterprises contribute 5,000 CNY/year • Council members: 6,000 CNY/year • Executive director members: 15,000 CNY/year • Vice Chairman members: 25,000 CNY/year • Chairman members: 50,000 CNY/year I-Connect007: Many of our readers feel standards should be free to members. What is your response to that? CPCA: This problem cannot be generalized. On one hand are the commanding heights of tech- nology standards: to ensure that standards are kept up to date by encouraging the preparation units and personnel, we have differential mem- ber and non-member pricing. On the oth er FeATure IN THEIR WORDS: THE CHINA PRINTED CIRCUIT ASSOCIATION (CPCA) cpca Secretary General Jin Zhang.

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