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60 The PCB Magazine • December 2015 EIPC Summer Conference, Berlin the 2015 eIpc Summer con- ference, which attracted del- egates to Berlin from sixteen countries to experience 21 technical presentations over two days. also included was a visit to the Berlin laboratories of Fraunhofer Institute, europe's largest application-oriented research organization. HDPUG Demonstrates Benefits of Cooperative R&D the high density packaging user Group (hdpuG) is a member-driven, non-profit, project-oriented industry consortium that addresses the integration of new electronics component packaging and in- terconnection technologies into the supply chains of its member companies. Raising a Unified Voice for an Advanced Manufacturing Economy the electronics manufacturing industry is an important sector in the global economy, and John hasselmann, Vp of Government relations at Ipc, is an advocate for policies that will help our in- dustry as well as the prosperity and welfare of billions of people. Characterization of PCB Material & Manufacturing Technology for High-Frequency concepts like Industry 4.0, Internet of things, M2M communication, smart homes and communication in, or to cars are maturing. all these applications are based on the same demanding requirement— a considerable amount of data and increased data transfer rate. the aim of this paper is to develop a concept to use materials in combination with op- timized pcB m a n u f a c t u r - ing processes, which allows a significant reduction of losses and in- creased signal quality. Coated Ultra-Thin Copper on Printed Circuit Laminate nano copper-based electronic ink and associated processing have been developed to create ultra-thin copper on flexible pcB substrates, allowing for much fin- er etch resolution and increased circuit density. the process is rap- id and sufficiently low-temperature to allow depo- sition onto temperature-sensitive substrates such as polyimide, plastic and paper. IMPACT 2015: An In-Depth Look Ipc understands that pre- senting a unified voice for the electronics industry is essential for advancing pol- icies that affect the indus- try's long-term future and strengthens the u.S. and global economy. that is why 22 Ipc member-com- pany executives descended on the nation's capital for IMpact 2015: Ipc on capitol hill, Ipc's annual advocacy event. A Cautionary Tale: Counterfeit Materials John ling of eIpc writes, "risk from counterfeits wears many hats. there is reputational risk, which can be damaging; there is inherent safety risk, which could be fatal; and there is financial risk to the OeM, the pcB man- ufacturer, and the pcB broker. One way of minimizing risk is by dealing direct." Institute of Circuit Technology 41st Annual Symposium Ict technical director Bill Wilkie has always excelled in locating interesting and unusual venues for the Institute of circuit tech- nology annual Symposium, and this year was no exception. For the 2015 event, the 41st, he chose the Black country living Museum, an open-air museum of rebuilt historic buildings in the home of the original Industrial revolution. 60 The PCB Magazine • December 2015

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