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82 The PCB Magazine • December 2015 With apologies to Lewis Grizzard, who has a book title of similar ilk, the pioneers of elec- tronics standardization are dying. IPC and IEC, the two principle purveyors of standards for base materials, boards and electronic assem- blies, are losing their technical experts. Nei- ther organization is losing its influence over the industry, however, experts that wrote the technical standards for the past 30 years are leaving the industry. Some are working new jobs in other industries, some are retiring, and yes, even some are still arguing the difference between base materials and interconnecting structures in the heavens. We need some new blood within the organizations, but first—a little about the trade associations themselves. IPC When National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) lost its influence over the copper-clad laminate standardization process, IPC was there to pick up the ball. IPC is a USA-based organization with members and offices worldwide. Members of IPC pay dues for each company site registered. A large com - pany may have a number of registered sites while a consultant may only have their home address on file. IPC is organized into General Committees based on which part of the supply chain is be- ing addressed. It begins with the Base Materials General Committee, the Printed Board General Committee, the Assembly General Commit- tee and several support committees. The Gen- eral Committees are then subdivided into sub- committees and again finally divided into task groups (TGs). Serving as the chairman of the Base Materials General Committee since 1996, I have two sub-committees and eight working groups (Figure 1). Please note that many of the positions are open or are inactive due to a lack of leadership. The Base Materials Chairmen and Vice Chairman shown do not have "one foot in the grave" but we all know where the cem- by Doug Sober eSSeX technOlOGIeS mr. lamiNate tells all Dieter is Gone and I Don't Feel so Good Myself! FeATure ColuMn

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