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January 2016 • SMT Magazine 17 Dr. Hwang, an international businesswoman, speaker, and business and technology advisor, is a pioneer and long-standing contributor to SMT manufactur- ing since its inception, as well as to the lead-free electronics implementation. Among her many awards and honors, she is inducted to the WIT International Hall of Fame, elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and named an R&D-Stars-to- Watch. Having held senior executive posi- tions with Lockheed Martin Corp., Sherwin Williams Co., SCM Corp, and IEM Corp., she is currently CEO of H-Technologies Group, providing business, technology and manu- facturing solutions. She serves as Chairman of Assessment Board of DoD Army Research Laboratory, Commerce Department's Export Council, various national panels/committees, international leadership positions, and the board of Fortune 500 NYSE companies and civic and university boards. She is the author of 450+ publications and several textbooks, and an international speaker and author on trade, business, education, and social issues. Her formal education includes four academic degrees as well as Harvard Business School Executive Program and Columbia University Corporate Governance Program. For further info, visit To read past columns, click here. bile devices, smart phones, LEDs, solar panels, medical devices, home appliances, and con- struction, among others. The demand of vari- ous industrial, consumer, medical, energy and information technology-related products and services will continue to increase, which will require new materials, advanced manufactur- ing infrastructure, as well as high performance electronics. For Chinese companies, iconic branding is the dream to come true. Many have gained understanding on what it takes to globalize through the thoroughly planned strategy ex- ecuted relentlessly over sustainable years. As more indigenous companies aspire to be a glob- al brand, more global competition in all indus- try sectors intensifies. As the concept map as well as the roadmap, the new FYP, again, will flex its muscle and ex- ert its power in every sector of the industry. China's president Xi expressed that China has been and will continue to be both "en- gine and stabilizer" for the world's economy. Between the United States and China, compe- tition and cooperation is expected to co-exist. There will be many areas of competition and many areas of cooperation. Upcoming Appearances Dr. Hwang will present a lecture on "Pre- venting Manufacturing Defects and Product Failures" at IPC APEX EXPO on March 17, 2016, in Las Vegas. SMT New YeAr OUTlOOk: CHiNA'S five YeAr plAN smt prospects & perspectives Peter Palffy-Muhoray, PhD, associate director of the Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute and professor of chemical physics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University, his graduate assistant, Andrii Varanytsia, and Kenji Urayama and Hama Nagai from the Kyoto Institute of Technol- ogy in Japan developed the first type of cholesteric liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) with special prop- erties that enable it to precisely emit laser light, without the use of mirrors, while being stretched. "We can use the information learned as the basis for moving toward applications – such as remote sensors, which can be interrogated from a distance using optic fibers, and as precisely tun- able light sources, which are very difficult to pro- duce," Palffy-Muhoray said. The liquid crystal acts as both the distributed cavity host and the active medium. Simple op- tical pumping of such a sample results in low- threshold, mirrorless lasing at the band edges. LCEs can change their shape when the orienta- tional order of the constituents is changed – by changing the temperature, applying a field or in- troducing impurities. LCE Material to Pave Way for Advanced Sensors

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