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January 2016 • SMT Magazine 81 5 EMS Industry M&a Transactions up in 3Q There were 10 complet- ed M&a transactions in the EMS industry in the third quarter of 2015, up from six transactions in the previous quarter, according to the latest EMS Dealreader report by lincoln international. 6 Saline Lectronics Installs a Flexible assembly Flow Line Saline lec- tronics, inc., a leading e l e c t r o n - ics contract manufacturer, recently installed a new assembly flow line. The line is setup in a systematic, unique configuration in order to provide a truly flexible lean system. 7 Mentor's Michael Ford on Lean for Surface Mount Processes Michael ford of Men- tor graphics valor Di- vision discusses with i-connect007's andy Shaughnessy his paper about lean systems in surface mount processes. He also talks about how the industry is now start- ing to look at industry 4.0, and why the industry should stop focusing on the endless optimization processes, which are still important, but instead consider the optimization from the point of view of the product. 8 Tremol SMD Talks EMS Trends and Industry Outlook at the recent productroni- ca 2015 event in Munich, germany, i interviewed Kiril yanneff, ceo of bulgaria- based EMS firm Tremol SMD about the electronics manufacturing landscape in east europe and his out- look for the industry. He also spoke about the sig- nificance of automating production lines. 9 LaCrOIX Electronics, Top French Investor of the year at the fDi awards gala on 15 october in Warsaw la- croiX electronics poland was awarded the prize of Top french investor of the year. The prize was given by an independent jury consisting of 24 commer- cial counsellors from the embassies supported by country specialists, ambassadors and investment specialists. J new IPC Standards Gap analysis Helps your Bottom Line How well do you know your manufacturing process? are costly inconsis- tencies impact- ing your bottom line? ipc Standards gap Analysis (SgA) is designed to enhance the financial success of ipc member companies. January 2016 • SMT Magazine 81 for the latest SMT news and information— anywhere, anytime. EMS M&A

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