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36 The PCB Magazine • January 2016 Talking to Taylor after his presentation over a beer, I asked him a few questions, including what had been the motivation for his presenta- tion. It was a kind of a look outside of Atotech, which was quite interesting to do. We normally talk about our own products and services. The idea was to have a look at what's happening in the market today—what are the trends and what are the areas where we see some developments in the substrate business that may or may not be interesting to us, and also what may happen during the next 10 years. It's a very interesting subject to look at because normally we're more Atotech-centric. It's very useful for us to take a step back and actually have a look at really what we think is happening in the market. I tried to add a little bit of humour at the end because when we look at all the stuff that's happening with artificial intelligence, cognitive and displays, and the disappearance of computer, phone and TV screens to be replaced by a whole new generation of displays and user interfaces, with impact upon business-to-business, consumer retail, education, travel and entertainment. • Advances in artificial intelligence, with ex- panded capabilities to understand and analyse, and cognitive computing simulating human thought processes and mimicking the way the human brain works—immense technological and practical capabilities, but at what risk? With all this in prospect, Taylor's bottom line was that we live in the most exciting times ever! But what were the concerns? How could security and privacy be maintained? How could the Internet of Everything be regulated? Would global internet connectivity be a hacker's won- derland? What could be the consequences of mobile devices knowing the location of both the user and all of his connected contacts? Would artificial intelligence be a blessing or a risk? Would cognitive computing be a global game changer? Would "Digital Everything" equate to "Digital Minefield?" FACING INCREDIBLE TIMES: ROBIN TAYLOR'S VISION OF THE FUTURE source: eng-csr.edu Figure 4: By 2025 a $1000 computer should have the processing speed of a human brain. (source: eng-csr.edu) Figure 5: healthcare benefits from disruptive, digital innovations. Feature

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