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28 The PCB Design Magazine • January 2016 ees can expect from this South China trade show that has become one of the biggest and most im- portant shows in the PCB industry. Catching up with Winonics' Mark Eazell I have always thought of Winonics as one of the hidden gems of the North American PCB indus- try. Their well-equipped and well-laid-out facility in Brea, California is one of the more impressive looking PCB facilities in North America today. AT&S Joins LEEN Network of Energie Steiermark AT&S COO Heinz Moitzi is convinced of the pur- pose of this network and considers it a crucial le- ver to reduce energy consumption at AT&S even further: "For a globally producing industrial en- terprise like AT&S, the reduction of energy con- sumption is of enormous economic and ecological importance. Help IPC Persuade U.S. Congress to Extend the R&D Tax Credit IPC has long urged the U.S. Congress to enact a permanent research and development tax credit— or at least a multi-year extension, not just the usu- al temporary, one-year deal—and to provide that certainty sooner, not at the last minute. Data Analytics through Statistical Techniques Many companies get caught in data traps. They focus so heavily on cost and survival that they end up using data as merely a marketing and sales tool. In doing so, they fail to realize the true power of data: It can transform every aspect of a business. Conducting Very High Currents through PCB Substrates at High Ambient Temperatures One of the major challenges of our time is climate change and the associated need to reduce green- house gas emissions. The requirement to reduce CO2 emissions has brought about significant changes in the area of power generation, and also in the area of mobility. TTM Technologies Unveils Global Operating Model TTM Technologies Inc. announced changes to its operating model that will create individual busi- ness units focused on customer end markets. Ef- fective January 1, 2016, TTM's PCB segment will be comprised of three BUs: Communications and Computing; Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Instrumentation; and Aerospace, Defense, and Specialty. The Electro-Mechanical Solutions Seg- ment will be a single BU. IPC Standards Committee Reports— Component Traceability, Base Materials, Fabrication Processes, Assembly and Joining IPC has released its standards committee reports from the 2015 Fall Standards Committee Meet- ings to help keep the industry up to date on IPC standards committee activities. The 2-19a Critical Components Traceability Task Group held its first face-to-face meeting to continue development of the working draft IPC-1782. IPC Standards Committee Reports— Packaged Electronic Components, Flex Circuits, High-Speed/High-Frequency, Rigid Printed Boards These standards committee reports from the 2015 Fall Standards Committee Meetings have been compiled to help keep you up to date on IPC stan- dards committee activities. This is the third in a se- ries of reports. Flexible PCB: What's in a Name? Flexible PCB is a common term that is synonymous with flexible circuits. While the term PCB is gener- ally used to describe rigid printed circuitry, "flex- ible PCB" is a little contradictory because boards aren't really flexible. Some companies, like All Flex, design and manufacture flexible PCBs, but not rig- id PCBs. HKPCA & IPC Show 2015 Kicks Off in Shenzhen China Barry Matties talks with Daniel Chan, executive di- rector of the HKPCA, about the organization's ex- panded global outreach. They discuss what attend- 28 The PCB Design Magazine • January 2016 PCB007 Highlights

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