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36 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2016 CES: Day One CeS Unveiled is the official media event for CeS. It is the first official happening of what promises to be a very busy and fascinating week. At this event, members of the press get to preview a number of innovative startups as well as some new products from a few established global brands. WKK's Hamed El-Abd on the Current State of China In the world of real estate, the key term might be "location," but in manufacturing today, it's automation, automation, automation. I had the opportunity to interview WKK's Hamed el-Abd at the recent HKPCA show, who discussed the com- pany's entry into the direct imaging market and how certain areas of the Chinese market are being flooded by a staggering amount of Chinese equip- ment manufacturers. AT&S Offers Expanded PCB Sales Support in the U.S. AT&S, one of the global leading manufacturers of high-end PCBs, with headquarters in Leoben, Austria, is committed to absolute customer orien- tation supporting its vision: "First choice for ad- vanced applications." Digital Imaging Revisited The advantages of digital circuitization techniques have been described in detail by suppliers of equipment and photoresist. Since phototool gen- eration and conditioning are omitted, there is the advantage of shorter lead time. Catching Up with HSIO's James Rathburn I have interviewed James Rathburn a number of times in the past few years and he always has something new to say. one of the industry's lead- ing technology inventors, Jim is always finding himself on the cutting edge of our technology. The recent acquisition of the former HeI operation in Tempe, Arizona exemplifies the path his compa- ny is taking towards a goal of being the industry's true technology leader. IoT, Community and Content at the Centre of CES Phillip Stoten writes about his observations during the recent CeS 2016 Show in Las Vegas, including new trends driving the next generation of consum- er electronics technologies such as IoT and content. Happy's Essential Skills: The Need for Total Quality Control (Six Sigma and Statistical Tools), Part 1 In this first of many columns covering my "Twenty- Five essential Skills every engineer needs to Learn," I will expand on each of those skills. The introduc- tion to this series published in the January issue of The PCB Magazine. As a quick recap, here are the 25 skills that I will be writing about over the next 18 months or so, to publish every three weeks or so in the PCB007 Daily newsletter. CES 2016 Wrap-Up, Part 1 CeS 2016 is now history and most of us are home, or at our next port-of-call. I have seen various atten- dance numbers, but it's somewhere in the range of 175,000; it was busy, crowded and impossible to see everything. Here is my review of some of the most innovative devices and technologies at CeS. CES 2016: Press Day, Showstoppers and LaunchIt Event Tuesday, January 5 was press day at CeS 2016. Some of the largest press conferences are held on press day. Many of them are one- or two-hour ad- vertisements with a number of new product an- nouncements inserted, and some do provide a great deal of market data and trends. The bigger "pressers," such as the Samsung event, fill multiple auditorium-sized rooms as well as overflow rooms. Weiner's World In this article, industry veteran Gene Weiner looks back at some of the industry highlights in 2015, and ponders on the challenges and opportuni- ties to expect this year. He also highlights recent industry events, including the 2015 International Printed Circuit & APeX South China Fair and SeMI- Con Japan. pcb007 Highlights

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