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28 The PCB Magazine • April 2016 the process and the product, and it results in a process control window that is capable of pro- ducing the product. One approach to troubleshooting that quantifies improvement for reporting to man- agement involves a capability assessment. IPC- 9191 discusses in greater detail the generation of capability indices. This step promotes a clear understanding of the process matrices, but it re- quires time and resources. PCB References 1. Click here to access an IPC Standards Im- provement Form. Michael Carano is VP of technol- ogy and business development for RBP Chemical Technology. To reach Carano, or read past columns, click here. a proCess engineer's guiDe to effeCtively troubleshooting pWb DefeCts In early 2016, long- time author, PCB ex- pert, and industry veteran Happy Hold- en started writing a 25-chapter book, "25 Essential Skills for Engi- neers." He initiated it with an introductory ar- ticle in the January issue of The PCB magazine. Since that time, we have been publishing chapters approximately every three weeks in our I-Connect007 Daily newsletter, as well as some of our weekly newsletters. now Happy as upped the ante. He has been writing steadily and has asked to publish every two weeks, so we said, why not? Watch for his chapters to appear every other Wednesday in the PCB sec- tion of the I-Connect007 Daily newsletter. Chap- ter 4 is currently scheduled to appear on April 6. It's free to subscribe, so don't miss out on this highly informative and downright useful book. To catch up on the chapters we've already run, check out Happy's columnist page for a complete list of titles and links. We are fortunate to have a second highly- valuable series, penned by veteran SmT and mi- croelectronics designer, author, and expert Vern Solberg. His six-part series, "Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuit Design Princi- ples" publishes in both the InsideDesign and Flex007 weekly newslet- ters, as well as the daily newsletter a day or so later. Vern's introduction nicely summarizes the crux of his series: "Flexi- ble circuits represent an advanced approach to total electronics pack- aging…maintain uni- form electrical charac- teristics, controlling noise, crosstalk, and imped- ance…saving up to 75% on space and weight… improve overall product reliability…[and] fur- nish unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and repeat- ability of printed circuits." In part 1, Vern describes the primary flex struc- tures, design for operating environment and base material selection. In part 2, he discusses supplier assessment, planning the flex-circuit outline and circuit routing principles, while part 3 goes into detail on specifying base materials, copper foil variations and fabrication documentation. Part 4, just published the week of march 30, focuses on rigid-flex construction, conductor routing and me- chanical clearances. Part 5 is expected to publish April 27—28. Don't miss it! Solberg and Holden: Two Valuable Series Available now at I-Connect007 Happy Holden Vern Solberg

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