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32 The PCB Magazine • April 2016 The term "process management" is widely used in today's economic theatre, but what is it really? Simply put, it is the idea of figuring out how to do something, documenting it and then monitoring the effectiveness of the steps you created for the end result. Simple, right? Unfortunately, many who take on this endeavor fall short due to missing some key attributes to creating and maintaining a ro- bust process. It doesn't matter whether we are building a box or building a battleship, the theories are the same. Many consider writing work instruction the process but it is only one of the key attributes. Remembering this will no doubt keep you from the pitfalls of process failure. We all remember what the customer wanted, right? A process that is unclear when created will undoubtedly result in something like the pic- ture in Figure 1. So let's build a process correct- by Todd Kolmodin Gardien ServiceS USa Process Management: Doing It Right feature Column: testing toDD Figure 1: How not to communicate.

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