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24 Layer Board L1 L21 L2 L22 L3 L23 L1 L24 Capacitor Core Capacitor Core Core Core P.P P.P P.P P.P FARADFLEX ULTRA THIN MATERIALS FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE PCBS THE SMART SOLUTION TO IMPROVE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE E M B E D D E D C A P A C I T A N C E FaradFlex ® Improves System Performance, Price, Quality, and Reliability by: • Reducing PCB size and/ or thickness • Utilizing VSP Copper to provide the lowest loss signal for high speed designs • Increasing functionality • Improving power distribution (power integrity) • Reducing the number of SMT Discrete Caps, Traces, Vias, Pads • Eliminating hundreds (thousands) of SMT and etched and drilled features sites for possible failure on each PCB For a free sample contact us at: or call us at 503-313-1905 IC Component IC Component Passive High Inductance Low Inductance Capacitance Layer Faradflex is a high performance, ultra-thin laminate or resin coated copper material designed as an integral part of the PCB, module or chip package. For more information, visit

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