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42 The PCB Design Magazine • May 2016 In the first two parts of this series, we dis- cussed the basics of hybrid design from the PCB designer's perspective, and this month we will conclude that discussion. We are seeing more and more of our cus- tomers exploring the world of hybrid design, and we are getting new customers for whom hybrid design is their sole focus. The world of hybrid design is growing, and we have lots of hybrid-specific functionality built into our soft- ware that helps designers meet and conquer the unique hybrid design requirements that they are faced with. And yet many designers out there (and I used to be one of them) have no idea what is meant when people start talking about hy- brid design. It is therefore not uncommon for designers to avoid the subject directly while hoping to pick up little cues and pointers from others indirectly so that they are no longer in the dark. If that description sounds uncomfort- ably close to where you are at, then read on. My hope is that this three-part series will help you by serving as a basic introduction into the world of hybrid design. If you haven't had a chance to read the first two parts in this series, please go back to the last two months and take a look at them if you can. To summarize, however, we discussed in the first column the basic structure of hybrid designs and the benefits they offer over stan- dard PCBs. In the second column we discussed some of the similarities and differences in CAD applications for the design of hybrids and how hybrid designs and their layer stackups are set- up. We also discussed the routing of conductors (wires), and the creation of area fills and power planes. We continued from there talking about the creation of dielectric layers and their simi- larities and differences to fills and planes. Next we introduced the concept of cross-over dielec- tric layers, which is unique to hybrid designs, by Tim Haag INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY The Basics of Hybrid Design, Part 3 TIM'S TAKEAWAYS

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