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70 The PCB Design Magazine • May 2016 1 Mentor Graphics Unveils PADS PCB Product Creation Platform Mentor Graphics Corpo- ration today announced a comprehensive product- creation platform based on PADS PCB software that enables individual engi- neers and small teams to solve the engineering challenges involved in creating today's electronic products. The PADS platform has been extended to enable engineers to develop PCB-based systems from concept through manufacturing hand-off. 2 Brooks' Bits: How Many Vias Does It Take To…? During 2015, Doug Brooks en- joyed a very productive collabo- ration with Dr. Johannes Adam, from Leimen, Germany. That collaboration resulted in several papers, but one in particular is relevant for this column, "Via Currents and Tem- peratures." In that paper, they used a simulation tool, thermal risk management (TRM), developed by Dr. Adam, to simulate current flowing through a via and then determine the temperature of the via. The results contradicted conventional wisdom. 3 Sunstone Circuits R&D: 3D Printing Great for Prototyping We've been hearing a lot about 3D printing for the past few years. But where does 3D print- ing fit in with traditional rigid circuit board development? Sunstone Circuits recently com- pleted a project that focused on that very ques- tion. Sunstone Product Manager Nolan Johnson explains why 3D printing is a viable option when it comes to jigs and parts of the support infrastruc- ture that are needed when prototyping today's emerging technologies. 4 New Cadence Allegro Enhances Flex and Rigid-Flex Capabilities Cadence Design Systems has unveiled the Allegro 17.2- 2016 portfolio, which enables a more predictable and short- er design cycle. The portfolio features comprehensive in-de- sign inter-layer checking tech- nology that minimizes design- check-redesign iterations and a new dynamic concurrent team design capability that accelerates product creation time by up to 50 percent. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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