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68 SMT Magazine • June 2016 As I was unable to attend the actual meetings with the representatives, I wanted to catch the thoughts of those who did. I've known Nilesh Naik, CEO of Eagle Circuits in Dallas, Texas, for many years. We sat down for a chat after the first day's events. Patty Goldman: Nilesh, tell me how things went on the first day of IMPACT. Nilesh Naik: It's been a great day. Unfortunately I've missed Capitol Hill Day, or IMPACT, for the last two years, and was excit- ed and glad to make it this year. It's just a great opportunity to visit with senators and congress- men. The exciting thing is they passed the R&D tax bill last year, so it was a good chance to fi- nally say thank you. Interestingly, we've been on the Hill for the last seven or eight years ask- ing for it to become a permanent tax credit. It's neat to see the process come to a complete end, and actually have a permanent tax credit. So I'm excited from that point of view. It's quite amazing; every time we come to Capitol Hill, whether it's the legislative system, the congressmen or the senators, they do genu- inely want to listen and hear from you. It's al- ways great to present your perspective and situ- ation when you get a chance to talk to them. They say, "These are my constituents," and they do listen. Goldman: So it's been worthwhile for you to at- tend? Naik: Absolutely worthwhile. Goldman: You get to meet with your own con- gressman tomorrow, is that right? Naik: Yes, and I'm looking forward to that. We've been fortunate enough to have Congressman Johnson come to our factory, so that was just even more fun. The Congressman has actually seen the manufacturing process. He's touched the product and talked to our people. Goldman: They actually begin to understand… Naik: They absolutely under- stand. Surprisingly, they do know a lot of what's going on. The challenge for them is they've got numer- ous other issues that are also going on. They're looking at a bigger picture and still saying, "Hey, how do we solve your problem?" Goldman: Your congressman knows what's going on. He's been to your factory, but what about all those congressmen who represent those companies that are not here? What do they know about your business or circuit boards and our industry? Naik: It's a great question, and one of the things that always concerns me. It is disappointing— that we don't get more of our member compa- nies out here. This is the one time of year where you get a chance to meet your congressman, and you get to talk about your industry. It's amazing, they're eager to listen and learn, but you've got to come tell them. If you don't, you miss out on it. You've got to build those rela- tionships. Goldman: It's a great opportunity to get your voice heard. Naik: Absolutely. They hear you, and today there were very positive responses with all the congressmen and senators that we spoke with. They're all for it. They understand what we're talking about. Heck, they want manufacturing IPC is One Thing, but Constituents are Quite Another

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