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70 SMT Magazine • June 2016 At the end of Day One, spirits were high within the IMPACT group. They had heard from the top presidential campaigns, met with key representatives on the top three issues, and were now relaxing on a private terrace with a great view of the U.S. Capitol building. Everyone was looking forward to a pleasant awards dinner. I had the opportunity to converse with Tom Ed - man, CEO of TTM; Ed Moll, VP of Viscom; and Tim Redfern of Redfern Associates, who was at the event representing Insulectro. Not able to convince them to give up their spots on the ter- race, the four of us had a great chat on the spot. Patty Goldman: Tom, why don't you begin by tell- ing me how your day was? What did you learn? Tom Edman: It was a good day. Number one, I thought the morning was very interesting. While we didn't get a chance to hear from the presidential candidates, we had a chance to hear from their proxies. I thought they did an excel- lent job of representing the candidates, and to hear it in person and hear some of the positions that they've taken. That was very interesting. Tim Redfern: I also found that interesting. I have never experienced anything like that be- fore, talking to proxies, and getting the experi- ence of both the democratic and the republi- can campaigns was an interesting comparison. I think the importance of selecting the right proxies came through today. Goldman: That's good. How about your afternoon sessions? Redfern: In the afternoon we actually came over to Capitol Hill and had meetings with four different congressmen and senators. We got a The Many Reasons why People Attend IMPACT Washington D.C. (L-R) Tom Edman, Tim Redfern, Rick Lies, and Ed Moll.

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