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June 2016 • SMT Magazine 71 chance to really get up close and personal and actually have real dialogue, which I thought was a great opportunity and in some cases very timely for what's happening right now. Goldman: Is this your first time to IMPACT? Redfern: Yes, it is my first experience here. Goldman: Why did you decide to attend? Redfern: Mikel Wil- liams inspired me, and he's not even here! He's been en- couraging me for the last four or five years to participate and get involved in this event. I talked with him a couple weeks ago and told him I was coming and he said, "I'm not going to be there this year." He's always attended and has been very involved on the IPC Government Relations committee. But I'm really happy to be here. It's a great opportunity to see how this side of the business works. Goldman: Ed, is this your first time here? Ed Moll: Yes, it is. Goldman: And what are your impressions? Moll: I've loved it. This has been very in- formative for me. I've never done anything like this and this is the first time I've had the opportunity. I'm here because my boss, Carsten Salews- ki, couldn't make it because of business travel, so he asked me to attend for him and I jumped at the opportunity. Goldman: Even from the very start this morning there was some serious discussion about which topics to discuss and the agenda—and that was impressive in itself. Some of us don't always pay attention to this stuff, and there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that affects everybody. That was surprising to me. Moll: The entire day was eye-opening for me. Meeting with Congressmen or their staff makes you feel as though you are making a contribu- tion to our industry. I look forward to the meet- ings scheduled for tomorrow. It's been more than interesting being here. Edman: I was one of the spokespeople for the TSCA reform and I think the timing couldn't have been better. I've come to Capitol Hill not with IPC, but with other organizations before, and we never had this kind of timing. We have a bill that has been passed by the house and the senate but was then sent to confer - ence. So we had a chance to directly impact some of the wording, we hope, that will go into the final bill. I think that is an unusual opportunity and definitely an opportunity on something that we feel is very important to the industry. From that standpoint I think we had a very good day. Goldman: What do you plan to do tomorrow? Edman: Tomorrow we're off to the individual meetings with each of our local representatives where we expect to have more focused discus- sions about where we operate and more local issues. Today we were focused on broader indus- try issues that IPC had set up in advance for us to discuss. Goldman: Thanks very much guys. Moll: See you next year. SMT Tim Redfern Ed Moll Tom Edman

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