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June 2016 • SMT Magazine 73 (TSCA) don't directly relate to us, but if it affects their business it ultimately affects our business. So for them to be successful we need to modern- ize it. Other issues like the R&D tax credits are important to us, where they need to increase the tax credit from 14 to 20%. Goldman: What would you say to somebody who is thinking about coming to IMPACT next year—or not thinking about it? Lies: I definitely think it's worthwhile to come, if for nothing other than to support the indus- try. Again, IPC does a great job of identifying and developing an action plan for the issues that are important for the industry, our surviv- al, and our growth in the future. Goldman: Have you seen results over the five years you've been attending? Lies: Definitely, there have been good results. The R&D tax credit was made permanent, and TSCA is seeing legislation moving forward that will modernize it. Goldman: Fantastic. Lies: What's interesting is I think people need to come up here to reinforce these things with their own representatives. It has helped me de- velop a relationship with our local Congressio- nal Representatives and Senators. Goldman: So you actually could invite them into your factory. Lies: In 2015, we had our Congressman Glenn Thompson, who represents our district, take a tour of our facility in State College. Since then he has actually called us to set up another visit. Goldman: That's great. What are your expecta- tions for Day 2? Lies: The first day is always sitting down and ev- erything is very formal, you have your meetings you go to. Tomorrow is more the individuals to meet their own representatives and senators. Goldman: Now will you meet anyone new tomor- row, like your senator? Lies: I'll meet with my representative, Congress- man Thompson. We're not a large community so he knows many of the people that work for Chemcut. Goldman: But still, there's nothing like having that relationship. Thanks so much, Rick. Lies: No problem. Thank you, Patty. SMT Congressman Bill Johnson (R-OH) addresses the IMPACT 2016 participants after dinner.

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