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June 2016 • SMT Magazine 75 Shaping the Issues that Matter Most at IMPACT Washington, D.C. 2016 IMPACT Washington, D.C. 2016 encom- passed two intensive days of meetings for the participants. I tried to catch their thoughts at various stages of the event. Optimum Design Associates' VP and General Manager Everett Frank was happy to provide some concluding thoughts. Patty Goldman: Everett, here on this final day of IMPACT Washington D.C., what are your overall impressions of your time here and how it's been for you? Everett Frank: It's been wonderful. I think this is my fourth year attending IMPACT. Goldman: It seems everybody comes back to IM- PACT. Frank: Yes, most people do. There's a very high return rate. It's a great opportunity to connect with what's going on in the industry, particu- larly from the regulatory perspective. We spend a good portion of time advocating for industry issues, both with departments of the adminis- trations and with members, and so it's a very good opportunity to impact those issues. Goldman: IMPACT is a good name for the whole thing. Frank: Exactly—you can't overuse that term. Goldman: How were your meetings yesterday? Frank: Really good. It's always in- teresting and fascinating to look at the different perspectives and where they're coming from. As an example, we were on the labor is- sue quite a bit yesterday, and try- ing to relate our issues differently versus republicans and democrats and how we present our business needs in a way that resonates with both sides. Goldman: Do you feel there were accomplish- ments yesterday? Frank: Well, I guess the proof is in the pudding, but they were well received. We certainly con- sistently hear back from the members that these kinds of conversations are productive to them and that they're impacted by them. They listen, I think. You always kind of wonder how much, but I do think it moves the needle and that us being here reinforces the industry's messages. Goldman: How about this TSCA issue they keep talking about? Frank: You know, honestly, it's not a direct im- pact to my business. Goldman: Just to your customers or suppliers? Frank: It does impact my suppliers. In our in- dustry, PCB manufacturers who buy the chemi- cals are the ones who are impacted. So my sup- ply chain is impacted. I buy from those guys, but I don't sell to them. Goldman: That's important too. Frank: It's very foundational. I mean really ev- erything in electronics rests on what the PCB fabrication guys do. I was joking with some of them yesterday that represent those interests that they needed to speak more highly of what their companies do when they introduce themselves. Because some of these companies in the room are just foundational to the technology in our country and in our world. The things that the chemical and PCB fabrication guys do are just so im- portant. Like Tom's company, TTM, is the largest company in the world Everett Frank

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