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June 2016 • The PCB Magazine 43 IC bath combined with excellent peel strength results ensure a reliable and strong adhesion of the copper layer on the resin surface. Thirdly, dry film adhesion and differential etching are key process steps for high yield manufacturing. The surface morphology of the e'less copper IC layer enables improved mechanical anchoring of the dry film compared to the reference sys- tem and dry film adhesion data for e'less copper HDI is under evaluation. Both electroless cop- per baths were thoroughly tested for industry standard reliability requirements and achieved ex- cellent results. PCB References 1. Simon Bamberg et al., "Stress/strain in electroless cop- per films: analysis by in-situ X- ray diffraction and curvature methods," 9th International Conference on Device Packag- ing, Arizona, 2013. 2. Tobias Bernhard, Simon Bamberg, Frank Brüning, Ralf Brüning, Laurence J. Gregoriades, Tanu Sharma, Delilah Brown, M. Klaus, Christian Genzel, "Analy- sis of stress/strain in electroless copper films", 46th International Symposium of Microelectronics, Orlando, Florida, 2013. 3. For further information on E'less copper IC (Printoganth MV TP1) and E'less copper HDI (Prin- toganth T1) please click here. a) Tobias Sponholz is assistant product manager PTH. b) Lars-Eric Pribyl is global product manager PTH. c) Dr. Frank Brüning is global business manager PTH. d) Robin Taylor is marketing and sales manager—electronics. Figure 14: TCT result (1000 cycles passed) of e'less copper HDI. Figure 15: IST result (2000 cycles passed) of e'less copper HDI. a b c d HIGH-THROW ELECTROLESS COPPER—NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR IC SUBSTRATES AND HDI MANUFACTURING

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