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56 The PCB Design Magazine • June 2016 Dr. Howard Johnson, the world's foremost authority on signal integrity, has recently re- leased his High-Speed Digital Design (HSDD) Collection. This includes professionally record- ed seminars that he presented, for more than 20 years, at Oxford University and worldwide and is arguably the most practical and enlight- ening course on high-speed—black magic—ever delivered. Howard's unique, explicatory presen- tation style creates an unforgettable picture of signal propagation by practical example. If you want to gain some of his enthusiasm and mas- ter the art of high-speed design, then the collec- tion is a must-have. I recently had the opportunity to review all three of the seminars in this collection, a total of 36 hours of viewing time. When presented with a selection of three seminars, to watch, I guess it is only natural to want to start with the more advanced topic. But I am glad that I forced myself to start at the beginning to refresh the basics before moving on to the more complex issues. It is amazing how much I either did not know or had simply forgotten over the years. Or maybe I've just killed too many brain cells along the way! I know that during my own courses, there is always one guy at the back who falls asleep. And by Barry Olney IN-CIRCUIT DESIGN PTY LTD / AUSTRALIA Mastering "Black Magic" with Howard Johnson's Seminars BEYOND DESIGN Figure 1: Dr. Howard Johnson displaying his dynamic teaching style. (All images courtesy of Signal Consulting Inc.)

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