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August 2016 • SMT Magazine 9 Stephen Las Marias is managing editor of SMT Magazine. He has been a technology editor for more than 12 years covering electronics, components, and industrial automation systems. nology trends, challenges, and solutions in the electronics manufacturing and assembly indus- try. Instead, we are focusing on our readers—to give a voice to their thoughts on the industry, companies, jobs, interests, and even pain points when it comes to their respective specialties. Read what these engineers and experts from Keysight Technologies, Integrated Micro-Elec- tronics, Datest Corp., Integrated Technologies Ltd, NEOTech, and Saline Lectronics, to name a few, have to say when it comes their problems, their happy thoughts, and great ideas. Some of them even provided their favorite tips and tricks when it comes to their jobs. Our columnists Tom Borkes, Michael Ford and Robert Voigt also joined in the conversa- tion. Read what they have to say inside. This month, we also feature two initiatives aimed at strengthening the future of our indus- tries. One is FIRST (For Inspiration and Recog- nition of Science and Technology), a program that aims to get kids more interested in STEM subjects through a variety of fun and interac- tive experiences. I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties spoke with Jill Wilker and Ken Johnson from FIRST during the recent Maker Faire in San Mateo to know more about FIRST and its vision. The second one is the STEM program hosted at the recent International Microwave Sympo- sium (IMS) show. In an interview with I-Con- nect007, IEEE MTT Education Committee STEM Lead Steven Lardizabal discusses the show's STEM outreach. The seventh edition of the Printed Circuits Handbook was published this spring, which was also the 50th anniversary of the first edition. In line with our theme for this month's issue, we asked the many authors of the Handbook for their thoughts—their voices. One such contrib- utor is a co-worker of mine, Managing Editor Andy Shaughnessy of The PCB Design Magazine, who has written the first-ever chapter on PCB design tools. Meanwhile, we are proud to introduce the I-Connect007 Good for the Industry award. This new and prestigious award is bestowed upon in- dividuals and companies that are good for the industry. Find out what we mean by good for the industry and why we selected Alex Stepinski as the first recipient of this honor. Inside this issue, you will also find Dr. Bar- rie Dunn's review of the 7th Electronic Materi- als and Processes for Space Workshop, held last April at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. And as always, SMT Magazine isn't com- plete without our columnists giving their take on what's happening around the electronics assembly and manufacturing industry. For his column, Robert Voigt concludes his series on se- lecting a selective soldering system by doing a quick wrap-up to remind potential buyers about some important considerations that affect the purchase decisions they make. Bob Wettermann writes about the rework challenges with leadless devices and the types of rework methods available. Tom Borkes, meanwhile, writes about paid- eia and why the current education system no longer provides enough learning for earning. He says the complexities of our technological world and global marketplace now demand the development of specific, saleable skills as part of the student-customer's educational process— and that the template for teaching these skills must be based in the real world. Last but not least, Justin Zeng, Francoise Sar- razin, Jie Lian, Ph.D., Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D., Lea Su, Dennis Willie, and David Geiger of Flex- tronics International Ltd; Masafumi Takada and Natsuki Sugaya of Hitachi Power Solutions Co. Ltd; and George Tint, Ph.D., of HDI Solutions Inc. write about nondestructive inspection of underfill layers stacked up in ceramics-organics- ceramics packages with scanning acoustic to- mography. I hope you'll enjoy this month's issue of SMT Magazine. Next month, we will talk about the challenges, technology trends, and the lat- est developments happening in the military and aerospace electronics manufacturing indus- try. Stay tuned! SMT THE INDUSTRY SPEAKS

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