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10 SMT Magazine • August 2016 In this issue of SMT Magazine, we take a pause from covering the latest developments, technology trends, challenges, and next-gener- ation solutions in the electronics manufactur- ing and assembly industry. Instead, we are fo- cusing on our readers—to give a voice to their thoughts on the industry, companies, jobs, interests, and even pain points when it comes to their respective specialties. Read on to learn about their problems, happy thoughts, and great ideas. Enjoy! Jun Balangue Business Development Manager/Brand Manager, Electronic Industrial Solutions Group KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES My favorite tip or trick to share is… Listen to your customers. One of the biggest challenges I face in my product marketing role is how to create a prod- uct that will make sense to the customers and when the product is available, convincing cus- tomers to buy my product. My tip is, always lis- ten to your customers! Listening to your customers is not only meant for customer-facing roles like call center, customer service, sales and applications engi- neers. It should be applied to all levels in the company from the CEO to every engineer and employee. Listen to the following: 1. Understand what is working and what is not working The word "understand" as defined in Dic- means "grasp the idea of," which to me, is a very important way to improve your product. A customer who is willing to voice problems is a treasure because it enables us to understand how we can improve our product or give them a complete solution. 2. A complaining or angry customer doesn't mean a lost deal This is always a very difficult situation and in most times, we tend to walk away. But in re- ality, if you are able to face an angry customer, FEATURE X

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