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22 The PCB Magazine • August 2016 gle/double-sided and generic multilayer PCBs, which are not less advanced, low value-added products. But domestic enterprises reduced their pro- duction costs by optimizing production pro- cesses, such as large array production, LDI ex- posure machine, automated production, to en- hance competitiveness and gained rapid market growth. As a PCB production equipment manu- facturer, we will strive to provide equipment and production solutions that matches or exceeds imported products and enhance the strong com- petitive position of domestic PCB enterprises in the low-end PCB products, while gradually im- proving technical capacity to expand into high value-added PCB board production field. A PCB equipment marketing and research engineer: All rapid growing large-scale domestic PCB fabricators are concentrated in the low value- added, low technical requirement area such as single/double-sided, generic multilayer PCB production, by adopting 25" x 28" and larger area production, two-pin mechanical drilling machines, LDI to replace conventional expo- sure equipment, and other means to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. But due to the limitation and easy replicability of these techniques, the headroom for fabricators' tech- nical capabilities is seriously suppressed, caus- ing difficulty for companies entering into the high-end field. And if this continues, it will re- sult in even more tragic competition in the low- end PCB manufacturing field, a rapid decline in corporate profits, and the domestic PCB indus- try could suffer irreversible damage. CPCA South China Office staffer: What I like the most about the PCB indus- try is working with the veterans of this indus- try, like Wang Longji, Lin Jindu, Wang Hengyi, and Gong Yonglin. They look dozens of years younger than they actually are. Overall, the peo- ple who work in the PCB industry are not only making money, but they are also very healthy and happy. I wish more new people would join China's PCB industry, to make a contribution for the future of the market. PCB fabrication process engineer: As a process engineer in PCB fab, I miss the good old days of stepping into a trade show, when every piece of technology and equipment drew my attention. Back then, orders and prof- its were great. Our factory is now doing more HDI and profitable products. PCB References 1. GGDC.net X X X VOICES OF THE INDUSTRY Broadsword ® Spine ® has been de- signed specifically as an alternative to the heavy portable data and power supplies currently carried by military and emergency service personnel. BAE Systems has agreed an exclusive new partnership with world-leading e-tex- tiles developer, Intelligent Textiles Lim- ited (ITL), to deliver the ground-break- ing wearable product in high volumes at low cost. Broadsword Spine is an e-textile based layer that when added to a user's clothing creates an invisible electronic network and power supply, by using conduc- tive fabrics instead of wires and ca- bles. With the innovative network, users can plug vital electronic devices straight into their vest, jacket or belt and have them instantly hooked into power and data via USB—all deliver- ing an estimated 40% weight saving per user ver- sus alternative solutions. Delivering the Next Generation of Connected Clothing

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