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August 2016 • The PCB Magazine 9 As I mentioned earlier, we have interviewed a lot of people over the past year, both video and audio. So this seemed a great time to pull them together into an index, if you will. And it's quite a long index, organized alphabetically by the interviewees' last names. Just an FYI, you can always search our website for an interview by using the search box in the upper right and putting your search term in quotes. Lest you techies feel put out by all the "touchy-feely" voice stuff, our regular colum - nist, RBP Chemical's Mike Carano, continues his discussion on PTH reliability and Keith Sell- ers of NTS talks about reliability testing in the new product development cycle, covering both mechanical and environmental testing. And we have an interesting article by David Ciufo of Intrinsiq that may be of especial interest to the flex folks, a discussion on the adhesion of very thin film copper for ultra-fine line circuits. Our final entry for this month is Barry Lee Cohen's Launch Letters column on your brand— and he is not just speaking to marketing and management folks. Whether it be your compa - ny brand or your personal brand, Cohen calls upon you to fully embrace it and believe in it. As always I find his columns to be inspiring and I'm thinking you will, too. Next month, we turn to the military/aero- space electronics industry, examining and ex- ploring the challenges, technology and market trends. How about you? Does your company supply the military and/or aerospace electronics industry? This is your chance to tell our read- ers what it is like, what is different from other industries and what you see for the future. Drop me a note by clicking here. PCB Patricia Goldman is a 30+ year veteran of the PCB industry, with experience in a variety of areas, including R&D of imaging tech- nologies, wet process engineering, and sales and marketing of PWB chemistry. Active with IPC since 1981, Goldman has chaired numerous committees and served as TAEC chairman, and is also the co-author of numerous technical papers. To contact Goldman, click here. and stirs you to action. That has happened here at I-Connect007 and we felt we had to let the world know about it. Alex Stepinski of Whelen Engineering has made such a significant contri- bution that we cannot ignore it. We follow this with the voices of your col- leagues, which I have found most interesting to read and I am confident you will too. Maybe you would like to reply to one or more of them or maybe you have some thoughts of your own that you want to share. Let me know—my email is at the end of this column—and keep in mind that we never publish without permission (you may remain anonymous if you feel a need to be). As you must know by now, we interview a lot of people in the industry…a lot. We ask them about their companies, the industry, their plans for the future and whatever else they want to talk about. We've included a few in this issue, and the first "voice" is that of Steve Driver, managing director at Spirit Circuits. Steve discusses the new plant being built in Romania and the influence Whelan's Alex Stepinski has had on the project. And no doubt you are well aware that the seventh edition of the Printed Circuits Handbook came out this year and it is certainly the most read and most venerated book on printed cir- cuits and electronics in our industry. So we asked the many authors to tell us their thoughts and we gathered them into a single section and put it in all three magazines. It starts off with a won- derful history of the handbook written by Clyde Coombs and continues with a dozen more au- thors' "voices." Get the inside scoop from the man who started it 50 years ago! Our next interview is with Eltek USA's Jim Barry, who shares his thoughts on devices that are getting tinier, the industry driving it (may- be not what you think) and the cross-overs be- tween the end markets. He also discusses the challenges to the PCB business, where he thinks things are headed, and throws in a little of his own philosophy as well. In our third interview, Stan Hetzel of the Eu- ropean Space Agency discusses the paper he pre- sented at the EIPC Summer Conference on quali- fying one's PCBs for the space industry. He men- tioned that they were raising the bar in terms of levels of testing and inspection that are required. It's nice to hear from some European voices. SPEAK UP!

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