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62 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2016 The I-Connect007 team recently visited San Diego PCB Inc. and received a warm welcome from CEO Mike Creeden and his youthful- looking (relatively speaking) team of design- ers. Creeden spoke with Barry Matties and Judy Warner about what it takes to run a successful design service center, how to properly care for the PCB designers of today and tomorrow, and why IPC's design training is paramount when training a new designer. Barry Matties: Mike, tell us a little about yourself and San Diego PCB. Mike Creeden: San Diego PCB was incorporated in June of 2003, so we are in our 13th year of ex- istence, and as a professional, I am in my 40th year of doing this. That makes me sound old, but I don't feel old. Matties: It does sound old. But you're only as old as you feel, I guess. Creeden: Well, here's why I don't feel old, it's because I love what I do. Matties: I guess it depends on when you started, because if you started when you were 40... Creeden: Oh, I started when was two years old (laughs). No, I've had my 60th birthday, so... Matties: Ah, so you started in your twenties? Creeden: I started in my twenties, when I got out of the military. I was in the military in a short-range tactical nuclear missile unit. It was known as one of the deadliest and stupidest weapons ever made. People would say, "Not a good day to shoot this thing," and they'd check the wind. But I had a technical propen - sity back in the day, and so when I came out of the military, shortly thereafter, I started in this profession and there's been no looking back. I've had the privilege to work for a lot of differ- ent companies, from big-name companies to a lot of the different CAD companies. So I had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the business, the software that the business runs on, for PADS, now Mentor, and Cadence and Zuken. Mike Creeden: Care and Training of Your Designers ARTICLE

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